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Getting Started

Learn the foundational steps to kickstart your Snoooz experience. From creating your account to initial setup, this category provides essential information for users new to Snoooz.

Account Management

Dive into the details of managing your Snoooz account. Discover how to modify plans, upgrade features, or make changes to your subscription status. This category ensures users have a seamless experience with their Snoooz account.

Onboarding and Support

Explore the onboarding process and support options Snoooz offers. From booking free onboarding calls to completing the setup, this category guides users through the initial stages of using Snoooz effectively.

Team Management

Understand how Snoooz enhances team collaboration. Learn how to invite team members, manage user roles, and make the most of Snoooz's features designed for seamless teamwork.

Out-of-Office Setup

Master the art of setting up and managing out-of-office features with Snoooz. Whether you're configuring backup coverage, creating queues, or utilizing advanced out-of-office settings, this category ensures your absence is well-managed.

Advanced Features

Delve into the advanced features Snoooz offers. Learn how to create personalized response templates and explore additional tools that can streamline your communication and out-of-office processes.