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Creating Backup Queues in Snoooz
Creating Backup Queues in Snoooz

How to Create Backup Queues?

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Enhance your coverage strategy and balance workload within your team by creating backup queues:

1. Create a queue: In the Queues section (feature available with PRO plan or higher), click Add new queue. Provide a name and choose between Dedicated or Distributed queues based on your needs.

2. Picking a Queue Type: With "dedicated," we designate a backup as the main point of contact (POC) for a user stepping out of the office. On the other hand, with "distributed", we assign a new POC for each incoming request.

You can set up two queues—one dedicated to high-touch clients and another distributed for your low-touch clients. For further guidance, consider scheduling a free onboarding call with our Customer Success Team.

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